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BPS Services

For over 33 years BPS has been offering world-class service, including regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency repair for forklift batteries and chargers. No matter what your service needs, rely on our expertise and knowledge to optimize your fleet’s performance and reduce downtime, saving you time and money.

When your forklift batteries and battery equipment need expert service, trust BPS to get it done.

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Battery Service

When your batteries are running at their peak capacity so is your lift truck. Consistency of service is the key to maintaining any forklift battery fleet, and scheduled maintenance improves life and productivity.

Our trained technicians are proficient in maintaining your batteries no matter the application. We work together to assist and educate your entire team with the ultimate goal of saving you time and money.

  • Record voltage, hydrometer and temperature readings.
  • Fill low cells with water.
  • Check and repair single point watering kits and water monitors.
  • Load check problem batteries (with our portable load bank) to determine their condition.
  • Acid adjust weak cells – at your location.
  • Replace bad cells – at your location.
  • Check cables, repair or replace as needed.
  • Check connectors and tips, replace as needed.
  • Wash, neutralize and anchor coat batteries.

Road Call Ready! 1-800-878-2779

We arrive ready to Work! Our road vans are fully stocked! We come prepared with the right tools and with most of the common parts needed for battery & charger repair, allowing us in most cases, to fix the problem on our initial visit! Our service area includes all the areas of Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Olean & Jamestown NY!

Battery Power Systems Service Road Van
Battery Power Systems Service Road Van fully stocked
Deka battery warehouse distribution


BPS cleaning service removes battery corrosion that can potentially damage both your forklift battery and lift truck. All work is done at your facility through our patented EPA approved mobile battery cleaning system. All wash water is treated after each cleaning to allow for safe non-hazardous disposal by our team.


A well-watered forklift battery compliment makes for a high performing fleet. Every flooded lift truck battery needs to be watered correctly and on a scheduled basis. We offer scheduled watering contracts to help your maintenance team and protect your assets.


Charger Service

The most commonly overlooked equipment in your fleet is the battery charger. Proper charger maintenance is directly tied to forklift battery performance. One of the easiest and most economical checks is a calibration. It is important to note that when working with chargers it is a high voltage device. Our technicians are highly trained and certified to stringent NFPA 70 E certification (OSHA REQUIRED) allowing them to work on and repair any brand of charger in the market today.

  • Check for proper operation.
  • Check auto start-stop units.
  • Check max amp output.
  • Check AC amp draw.
  • Check cables, repair or replace as needed.
  • Check connectors and tips, replace as needed.
Charger Repair Service

Handling Equipment

If you are operating multiple shifts, there is a very good chance that multiple batteries are used at your facility. Over time, the battery changing equipment used to facilitate that change can be subjected to some pretty rigorous treatment. Our team proactively maintains this asset, reducing emergencies that have the ability to cripple an operation. We will work with you to create the best plan including frequent inspections and a realistic spare parts inventory.

Reserve Power

Battery Power Systems Inc. offers sales and service for Switchgear, Telcom and UPS units.

  • Load testing (Backup batteries available to keep online during test)
  • Rental Batteries
  • Impedence testing
  • Rack / Cabinet installation
  • Battery installation
  • Charger adjusting / Repair
  • Charger installation
Forklift Battery & Charger Service NY
Forklift Battery & Charger Service NY
Forklift Battery Recycling

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