Common Battery Charging Problem #1 Right Battery - Wrong Charger


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Right Battery – Wrong Charger

The most common forklift battery charging problem!

At BPS we have seen a lot of battery charging problems. But the most common problem we see is forklift batteries being charged with the wrong charger.

Most of the time the charger does have the correct voltage for the battery. For example, the forklift & battery are both 36 volt and the charger is also a 36 volt charger.

Where most go wrong is on the AH rating on the battery and charger. The AH number on the battery and the AH number on the charger ideally should match exactly. 

For example, a 36 volt battery with an AH of 850 requires a 36 volt charger with a AH of 850.

Battery AH to Charger AH miss match is the most common problem we see. This can happen because most of the attention is placed on the battery and charger voltage. During the life of the charger more than likely several batteries will be replaced and even upgraded, where as the charger tends to be overlooked and is not upgraded.

Correcting the problem!

Checking to see if your batteries and chargers have the correct AH to be used together is easy. Just check the data plates on both the battery and the charger for the rated AH.

The photos above show you what to look for. 

If you need assistance, we would be happy to visit your facility and check to make sure your batteries and chargers are matched correctly for proper charging.  

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