Battery Watering Systems A Great Return on Investment

Battery Watering Systems Pay For Themselves!

With Battery Watering Technologies single-point system, there’s no more opening vent caps manually and filling each cell individually.

Instead, each battery is equipped with an easily installed series of interconnected valves which replace your existing vent caps.

An electrolyte level indicator gives a visual indication that the cells were filled after watering.

Water flows through a single connection, filling each cell accurately and efficiently. The whole process takes less than one minute.

Since batteries need to be filled several times each month, the 90-95% savings in time translates into substantial cost savings.

With watering time dramatically reduced, employees become available for other tasks.

Bottom Line: Your Battery Stays Watered, You Save Time & Money!

Keeping your batteries properly watered extends life and performance. A battery watering system makes that process fast and easy.

Battery watering systems are truly the only material handling product that pay for themselves by reducing the time spent watering.

Find out for yourself. Do the ROI or call us to discuss your battery watering needs.

Water Quality Issues Solved!

Water quality varies from region to region.

Good quality water extends battery life by reducing the amount of dissolved solids like calcium, that get into your battery.

Do you know if your water quality is good enough for your batteries?

We can find out:

We bring our water tester onsite or if you know you have water quality issues, we can collect and send a sample of your water to our lab for a detailed analysis.

If quality is an issue, we recommend the BWT water deionizer. For a nominal cost per battery, you can protect your investment and the longevity of your batteries with clean water.

Water Pressure Problems

Help Eliminate Over and Under Watering with Correct Water Pressure.

Since municipal water supplies vary in static pressure from very low to very high, we recommend filling through a delivery system that regulates the water to the correct pressure.

Excessive pressure can cause valves to close prematurely. Insufficient pressure will cause the cells to fill more slowly and will delay closing. We offer a variety of pressure regulators to assist in controlling house pressure.

Do you know your water pressure? We can find out. We bring our water pressure tester to your facility to determine your specific water PSI.

Pressure Too Low?

With portable BWT products like the Aqua Sub, ranging from 9-200 gallons, batteries become easy to fill and there are no power cords to trip over. The Direct Fill Link on the hose delivers the right amount of pressure required to fill the batteries quickly and efficiently.

Pressure Too High?

The brass regulator should be used in applications where house pressure is over 90 PSI. It can handle up to 400 PSI and is adjustable from 25-75 PSI. The direct fill link would then be connected downstream to bring the pressure down to the required range.

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