MObile Battery Washing Services from BPS Before & After

Batteries Want Baths!

BPS Clean Means Really Clean! 

Our battery cleaning service is different. All batteries are removed from the trucks and given a hand wash bath in our patented EPA approved, portable wash bay. This gives us 360 degree access to the battery and ensures a full, thorough cleaning.

Our portable wash bays contain all water and debris that is involved when washing a battery and can be brought to any facility, for any job.

All water and debris is removed from your facility and treated for safe disposal.

BPS Battery Cleaning Service


Clean Batteries aren’t about looking good!

A clean battery functions better, which extends life and improves performance.

We recommend battery cleaning service at least once every year.

BPS cleaning service removes battery corrosion that can potentially damage both your forklift battery and lift truck. All work is done at your facility through our patented EPA approved mobile battery cleaning system.

After the job is done.

All wash water is treated in our water recycling machine after each cleaning to allow for safe, environmentally responsible, non-hazardous disposal by our team.

Corrosion damages your batteries!


Note the holes in the steel case caused by corrosion left to sit on the battery.


This damage could have been easily avoided and thousands of dollars could have been saved!


Our battery washing services prevents this type of damage. Don’t ignore your batteries, they want baths!


Our washing service is offered as part of our Preventative Maintenance PM program.

We wash all battery makes, models, types and styles. No battery is too big, no battery is too small!


You don’t have to settle for this!


Call BPS today to learn more about our professional battery PMs and our battery cleaning program!




With our services, we can make your battery or batteries look like the “after” pictures.

We have portable wash bays for containing all water and debris that is involved when washing a battery that can be brought to any facility for any job.

A water recycling machine is also available for doing this kind of job, keeping everything environmentally safe.

All water and debris is removed from each job and treated for safe disposal.



Protect Your Investment With Our PM Service

For Long Life and Great Performance Trust BPS!