Commercial Batteries / Chargers

Commercial Chargers

Battery Power Systems Inc. offers smaller commercial chargers that are used for golf carts, scrubbers and sweepers that run on regular 110v power. We carry brands such as (MAC) Motor Appliance Corporation and Lester Electrical. We also work on any make or model out on the market and keep most of the popular parts right in stock for these type of chargers.

Delta-Q Chargers

Designed for Reliability

Delta-Q has commercialized over 200 charge profiles for different lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. They include the battery brands used in lift trucks, such as Deka, Discover Energy, EnerSys, Exide and Trojan Battery. These profiles are extensively validated in the company’s battery lab and in electric lift trucks. Each charger can be loaded with multiple profiles to provide flexibility.

Commercial Batteries

Battery Power Systems Inc. offers a variety of deep cycle batteries. Whether it’s for your pallet jacks, scrubber/sweeper, scissors lift, or golf cart we have you covered. Give us a call for your application needs.

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