Delta-Q Chargers

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Charging solutions for lift trucks & floor cleaning equipment!

Reliability included.

Delta-Q battery chargers for electric lift trucks provide superior levels of on-board reliability and charge quality. IC Series chargers are tested to provide a long service life in difficult environments and provide charge quality for lead acid or lithium-ion batteries.

End-users experience more productivity from their battery packs with customized charge profiles for the major lift truck battery brands.

Charge quality for lift trucks & floor equipment

Delta-Q has commercialized over 200 charge profiles for different lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. They include the battery brands used in lift trucks, such as Deka, Discover Energy, EnerSys, Exide and Trojan Battery. These profiles are extensively validated in the company’s battery lab and in the electric lift trucks sold by our tier 1 OEM customers. Each charger can be loaded with multiple profiles to provide flexibility in a manufacturer’s supply chain, and in the aftermarket.

Machine integration

Delta-Q can support a manufacturer’s integration of the charger into the machine, including custom programming. Charge status and other metrics can be displayed on the machine’s control panel or through a remote LED. IC Series chargers have the option for CAN bus programming.

Charger customization

Delta-Q chargers can be customized with software, charge profiles and AC/DC cabling. A USB host port allows charger software and charge profiles to be uploaded. Simultaneously, charge cycle data is downloadable to troubleshoot battery issues. Replaceable cabling enables OEMs to manage a limited number of SKUs and get machines repaired quickly.

Battery Compatibility Program

Charged by Delta-Q gives you confidence that a particular battery and charger combination will provide your products with best-in-class performance, prolonged battery life, and maximum up-time. 

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