What Type of Battery Charging is right for you?

Do You Know?

Conventional? Fast? Opportunity? Lithium?

What type of battery charging is right for you?



Site Study Objectives:

1. Capture vehicle battery usage – EBU (Equivalent Battery Units = 80% of the battery name plate capacity)

2. Monitor and record opportunities for charging (idle time).

3. Based on site study data, can we keep the battery SOC (state of charge) between 80% – 20% daily

4. Based on site study data, do we have the time to perform 1 weekly EQ charge cycle

5. Determine what type of charging will work best in your specific operation.

Forklift Battery & Charger Financing

Power Study with the Ametek site probe

Linde Forklift Battery

Understanding how your lift trucks operate in your facility is a key factor in the process to determine what type of charging is best for your application.

Lift truck battery usage, idle time, battery current draw, and battery voltage is gathered for analysis.

The data is collected and recorded on Ametek’s Site Probe. The Site Probe is a device that is installed on a pre-selected lift truck that best represents typical operating conditions. The data is usually collected over a 1 to 2 week period.

Data is also collected through operator and management questionnaires. After the data collection period, the device is removed, and the collected data is reviewed and analyzed.

Ultimately, the data analysis will determine what charging technology is a good fit for your operation. The data analysis will also provide the foundation for a system recommendation.

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