Deka Powerforce Battery charger


Smart, Optimal, Dependable Charging

Move More with Deka PowerForce.

Introducing a unique and exclusive fully-integrated
charging system designed specifically for all Deka
motive power batteries — lead and lithium. The Deka
PowerForce is the premier, cutting-edge charger for all
Lift Truck batteries — regardless of the manufacturer.

• Smart Technology – With a highly energy efficient
charger featuring a large, customizable intuitive color
touchscreen control panel, managing your fleet’s
motive power needs has never been easier.

• Optimal Functionality – Engineered to meet the
24/7 needs of today’s material handling fleets, the
Deka PowerForce offers a highly efficient modular
space-saving design, providing more runtime for
your fleet.

• Deka Dependability – Keep your fleet moving and
eliminate downtime worries with Deka’s industry
leading safety, reliability, and dependability.

Evolution Charger

MOVE MORE than ever before by making your charger of choice the new Deka PowerForce. See how Smart, Optimal, and Dependable charging can enhance your operation today.

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95% Energy Efficient
The Deka PowerForce charging system is highly energy
efficient at 95% (CEC Compliant). It is built to perform in
all charging regimens, including fast, opportunity, and
conventional. Advanced AC and DC power protection
ensures safe, reliable performance with a high degree
of protection against voltage and current transients.

Effortless Touchscreen Control
An integrated color touchscreen interface provides
intuitive control with easy access to programming,
diagnostics, and statistics. The dashboard background
colors indicate the health of the charge cycle and
charger, enabling users to quickly assess system status

Powerful Insights.

Anytime. Anywhere.
Fully networked and cloud ready, Deka PowerForce can
be monitored and controlled remotely using our fleet
management tool. With access to real-time, actionable
data, users can easily manage their battery and charger
fleets to lower operating costs, improve battery life and
increase performance and productivity.


Modular Configuration
Our unique modular design makes it possible to
customize the charging system for your application.
Each case fits up to four modules delivering a
maximum 300A output, or two cases can be stacked to
combine eight modules for up to 600A.

Space-Saving Design
At only 14 x 14 x 16 inches, Deka PowerForce packs a
powerful punch in a small footprint. Mounting options
include a wall mount bracket, stands, or pogo mounts
for one or two units. Plus, an integrated breakaway
connector improves safety and keeps the charger on
the stand should an operator forget to disconnect a
battery before driving away.

More Runtime
Modular technology also means when one module is
out of service, the others keep working — increasing
uptime. Plus, single tool service access enables fast,
easy repairs when needed. Advanced controls allow
custom charger programming to meet your unique
power needs.

Flexible Compatibility
The Deka PowerForce charging system is designed for
optimal use with all Deka brand motive power
batteries. Even better, the charging system can
recharge any lead battery, flooded or sealed (Gel/
AGM), and can also be set to recharge lithium batteries


Proven Reliability and Safety
Designed to perform in the most rigorous conditions, Deka PowerForce leads the charge in rugged reliability. When tested in conditions ranging from high dust to high humidity and extreme cold environments, Deka PowerForce
performed again and again.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
With greater efficiency, more advanced features, and an industry-leading warranty, Deka PowerForce delivers superior performance and a lower total cost of ownership than any other motive power system available today.

Best-in-Class 5-Year Warranty
In the unlikely event your charger doesn’t perform as expected, we offer a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. And, because it’s backed by Deka, a single call connects you to our best-in-class service network.

Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority!

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