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Every material handling application is different requiring custom solutions to unique conditions. Reconditioned industrial forklift batteries can be the appropriate choice in many applications. 

Single shift, low usage applications can see cost savings through reconditioned batteries, due to low demand, just as extreme applications may choose reconditioned batteries because of the intensity and harshness of their environment, and subsequent damage to equipment.



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Is a Reconditioned Industrial Forklift Battery Right for Your NY Business?

The lower cost of a reconditioned battery should never be the driving factor in any forklift battery purchase. Every application is different. Many times the applications changes from one environment to another within the same company facility. 

When considering a reconditioned industrial forklift battery you need to determine: is the (ROI) return on investment lesser or greater with a refurbished product. Of course there our other factors to consider as well such as the age of the forklift, current charger technology, to name but a few. 

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