COVID-19 Update


Your safety and the safety of our team members is our top priority.


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops, BPS is continually adapting our practices to keep work environments safe while delivering uninterrupted sales and service support.

Sales representatives and service technicians visiting your facility will adopt any precautions and requirements instituted by your organization. All BPS employees have received additional reinforcement of the recommendations to practice social distancing, respiratory etiquette and proper personal hygiene practices. 

We have asked all employees: 

  • Any employee who feels ill is required to stay at home and recuperate.

  • Follow the CDC guideline for washing hands.
  • To keep a buffer zone of 6 feet whenever possible to prevent person-to-person transmission.
  • Proper PPE use in and outside work environments.
  • Avoid shaking hands to reduce the possible transmission of viruses/bacteria.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • These practices will be revisited and updated as conditions change.


We know allowing access to your facility for anyone other than your associates is a concern. At Battery Power Systems we are taking extra precautions – for your safety and ours.

Service-related procedures will continue being closely monitored, updated and communicated to our staff, including:

  • Following CDC and local Government Health Agency guidelines for social distancing, personal hygiene and other best practices that avoid the spread of illness within our workplaces

  • Wearing PPE, including face covering when required
  • Phone, Text Message and Email sign-ins to limit direct contact


Upon our arrival, please inform our service technicians about newly implemented safety procedures at your facility.

We are committed to following your safety guidelines.


If you have any questions about our safety procedures

please call us anytime at 1-800-878-2779.

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Together We'll Keep Working & Stay Safe!