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Why Batteries Need Water!

An introduction to battery watering and battery watering systems!

Did you know that batteries require water?

Watering batteries is one of the most overlooked steps of battery maintenance. Without water they will not hold a full charge and will eventually need to be replaced. Watering them on a regular basis will increase the run time and the longevity of your batteries.

Why do you need to water batteries?

Batteries get their power from a chemical reaction between acid and water. Water is lost through charging and evaporation. That water needs to be replaced to keep your batteries healthy.

Water Your Batteries the Faster, Safer,
Better Way!

Instead of hand-watering your batteries, our single point watering system fills your batteries to the proper level every time.

Water Delivery Options

Direct Fill Link

The direct fill link is the easiest way to fill batteries. The pressure sensitive handle operates like a watering gun. The flow indicator is encased in clear PVC pipe making it extremely durable and easy to see.

Manual Pump

The manual pump is the most inexpensive way to manually fill your battery with water. Simply place the end in a jug of distilled water and attach the quick connect to the watering system.

Gravity Fill System

Ideal for filling batteries when a water source is not available nearby. The gravity tank is available in 2.5 and 5 gallon capacity

So you know that industrial batteries need water but it’s just not getting done!

That’s why we offer lift truck battery watering services!

Let BPS water for you, and know it’s getting done!

Whether you have just one electric lift truck or a fleet of trucks in a high throughput distribution mega-center, BPS can make sure your batteries get the water they need on schedule, every time! Stop drying out your batteries, contact BPS today about setting up a watering schedule to fit your needs!

From large to small – we’ll water them all! All battery makes and models covered for all classes and styles of electric lift truck. 

Forklift Batteries & Watering Systems

Looking for a complete Battery Watering System for your electric forklift batteries?

Contact BPS today to speak to a professional and knowledgeable BPS sales representative.


Battery Power Systems specializes in Forklift Battery Watering Systems for all makes and models of forklift batteries. Whether you have a large electric forklift fleet or just one electric forklift. A complete battery watering system will take all the work out of watering batteries. If your Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Olean, Jamestown NY business would like to learn more about how a complete battery watering system will save your company time and money. Contact your dedicated Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Olean, Jamestown NY BPS sales representative today! 

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