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Deka Battery Fast Charge Batteries NY

Is your Buffalo based business looking for an edge? Want to learn more about fast charge batteries for your electric forklifts? Call today to speak to a Buffalo NY based sales representative.


Deka Battery PoweMate Batteries NY
Deka Battery Fast Charge Batteries NY

Deka Fast Charge Batteries are built to last longer under rigorous fast charge conditions. Optimized for electrical conductivity and extended performance, they feature:
■ Heavy-duty intercell connectors – provides optimal current transfer
■ Copper inserts in single post cells – improves conductivity
■ Single or dual cables and connectors – available based on charger connection requirements
■ Optional vented trays and forced air cooling – optimizes air circulation

Deka also offers value added products and services to maximize fast charging productivity, reliability and performance:
■ Battery to charger communication devices measure critical data such as AH throughput and operation conditions
■ Electrolyte level monitoring and watering systems minimize water time and maintenance expense
■ Turn key installation programs, scheduled watering and maintenance programs from the industry’s most dependable North American network

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Compare these features which are standard on every Deka battery:

East Penn uses exclusive formation processes that ensures optimized power capacity, cell consistency, and long term reliability from every plate and ultimately each cell, in terms of amp- hour capacity and cycle life.

■ Superior non-porous, precision-cast grids are designed for maximum current-carrying capacity exclusively for motive power applications. The grids are pasted with active material that delivers reliable performance throughout a long service life. All phases of plate production are computer controlled to meet rigid quality control specifications.

■ Both the positive and negative plates are cured in temperature/humidity-controlled ovens to ensure optimum plate
curing regardless of external environmental conditions.

■ No other industrial battery manufacturer can claim these and other features, plus ensure the highest quality material, workmanship and superior engineering technology. All of these important components make the Deka name synonymous with number one quality in the production of precision-built batteries.

The positive plate is protected by a multiple-step retention system, including two layers of vertical mats consisting of fiberglass tape and interwoven glass fibers, a horizontal glass fiber mat, and a perforated retainer envelope. This ensures optimum active material retention for longer life, and provides increased plate insulation for added performance. The positive plates are also surrounded by deep channeled, microporous separators that provide a durable barrier between positive and negative plates, while allowing the free flow of electrolyte throughout the cell, optimizing performance and extending service life.

■ Manufactured in compliance with American National Standards Institute and Underwriters Laboratories Standard Number ANSI/UL583.

■ Federal Specification Number W-B-133D.

■ Complies with Industrial Truck Association Recommended Practices.

If you would like more information on the Deka Battery “Fast Charge” line in Buffalo NY please contact Battery Power Systems at 1-800-878-2779 or click here to visit our Deka Battery Industrial Lift Truck Battery page.


In Buffalo NY, electric forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. From warehouse to cold storage, from fast pace to slow load. Electric forklifts in Buffalo NY are askes to do it all. Fast Charging your electric forklift battery can make a dramatic difference in many applications. If you are considering fast charge batteries for your Buffalo NY company please contact our dedicated Buffalo NY based sales representative. We would be happy to demonstrate the value of fast charge and any other high quality Deka product. 

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