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    The Accu-Charger sets the industry standard for dependable and power efficient operation. The Accu-Charger is capable of charging 100% discharged lead acid batteries in its ampere-hour rating within 8 hours. Adaptable to operate with a variety of controls, including the AC500, AC1000 and AC2000.

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    The Battery-Mate 60 is an industrial rated ferroresonant battery charger. It is designed for industrial applications where the batteries are 80% discharged, and there is 10 hours available for recharge.

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    The Battery-Mate 80 is designed for efficiency and long life. The Battery-Mate 80 can recharge 80% discharged batteries in 8 hours or less, and is engineered for one and two shift operations. Unmatched in the industry, The Battery-Mate 80 has 3 interchangeable controls to choose from that allow greater flexibility and automation of any battery charging operation.

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    The Battery-Mate 100 is geared for multiple shift operations. It is designed to meet all industrial and distribution applications. It is rated to recharge normally discharged batteries in less than 8 hours.

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    The LTD-Ferro provides big performance at a small price. LTD chargers are designed for use in light, industrial, single-shift applications where 10-16 hours are available for charging.

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  • MULTIPLE-CIRCUIT: Accu Charger and Battery Mate 80

    MULTIPLE-CIRCUIT: Accu Charger and Battery Mate 80

    The Multiple-Circuit Accu-Charger ("Multi-Circuit") is uniquely designed to allow efficient charging of up to six batteries simultaneously with only one compact  unit. The Multi-Circuit holds up to six full-features Accu-Chargers and saves on floor space and installation costs without forfeiting any of the outstanding capabilities of a self-contained Accu-Charger. Requiring only 30 cubic feet of space and one electrical input line, the Multi-Circuit facilitates the independent operation of multiple Accu-Chargers, protecting each from other circuits housed in the same cabinet.

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